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Bamboo Tiger Paw Suction Plate & Fork Set - Berry Blue

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Are you ready to declare war on the messy floors? Tired of your offspring throwing their food on the floor? Frét no more-- because we have a clever solution to messy, sloppy and drippy mealtime sessions. Milk It Baby’s Paw Suction Plate!! This means more food lands in your little monster’s belly instead of the floor!

The cutesy and fun bear paw design makes dining time more fun and mess-free! The silicone base of this product allows the paw to be firmly grounded (see what we did there)- no moving till we’re done eating, buddy! The paw plate’s four compartments are perfect for separating food and helping parents in creating more balanced meals!

The rounded edges of this product make sure that when your baby scoops their food, it doesn’t go flying into your shirts and dresses!! The silicone fork that comes along with this set is an inherent fit and the soothing wooden handle only adds icing to the cake! Bamboo material as such is highly degradable, renewable and most importantly, a breeze to clean! That’s gotta beat the icing!

Are you ready for feeding time to be paw-some? We know we are!


Easy to clean
Hand-wash in warm water with mild dish detergent and allow to air-dry. Apply coconut oil once a month to extend lifetime of your plate.

Environmentally - friendly
All Milk It Baby Bamboo Plates and Bowls are made f
rom 100% bamboo, ensuring we do our part for our environment and the planet.

Our products were inspired by the animals of the world, so that every mealtime is a learning experience all wrapped up in one! The cutesy shapes means that children would be delighted to use them again and again.

Plate Dimension: 22cm x 4cm x 14cm
Fork Dimensions: 3.4cm x 14xm

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Bamboo Tiger Paw Suction Plate & Fork Set - Berry Blue
Bamboo Tiger Paw Suction Plate & Fork Set - Berry Blue Sale priceHK$240.00