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Baby And Toddler Stores: In-Store And Online

Playtime just got trendy! If you’re looking for non-toxic, eco-friendly baby products that don’t compromise on style, Milk It Baby is the place to go. This luxury baby brand was started by a family who tried (and failed) to find aesthetic yet eco-conscious products for their own babies. With a simple belief that every child should enjoy their first adventures in a fun, educational, and stylish manner, this collection ticks all the boxes. 


Champimom Hong Kong Milk It Baby Playmats 

BB地墊|讓寶寶盡情在家安全玩耍!3 大人氣 Playmat 推介 

小朋友留在家中的時間多了,這時候一張合適的 BB 地墊就十分重要!不但是讓小朋友變乖的遊戲小角落,更可防止寶寶學走路時跌落弄傷,以下就來推介 3 大人氣 Playmat,當中更有超人氣的棉花糖質感地墊!



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Best Presents For Kids That Want Some Fabulous Unusual Fun - Hong Kong Styled Playmat #shoplocal 



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Created with the belief that playtime should be adventurous and educational for children, Milk It Baby offers baby lifestyle products that are luxurious and environmentally conscious. Safety is one of the store’s topmost priorities – it is constantly experimenting and reinventing products to make its goods are not only beautiful-looking but also baby-safe.



Where to buy toddler & baby products

Known for their travel-inspired gear, their signature patterns are inspired by a love for art, culture, and vibrant travelling. Incorporating trendy and striking visuals of everyday iconography, the brand aims to foster a sense of recollection amongst your little ones when out and about and exploring.



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