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Article: Rainbows & Unicorns - but make it chic

Rainbows & Unicorns - but make it chic - Milk It Baby

Rainbows & Unicorns - but make it chic

With the countless nursery furniture options, it’s quite natural to want to go a little O.T.T (over the top)! Whether we admit it or not, we spend quite a fortune on decking up our little human’s room- only for a lot of it to end up in the storage room.

So here are the 5 main things to remember when designing your baby’s nursery! The biggest and most important rule here is to be practical.

1. Knock Knock, who’s there?

Choose a cozy room that’s near to your bedroom- so you don’t have to go too far when your infant screams in the morning or most likely in the middle of the night! Ideally, whether it’s nappy changing or wake-up time, you want to be close to your child’s nursery. Trust us on this one. 

Also remember that babies don’t need as much room- so don’t fret too much about how big or spacious your nursery will be. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have the perfectly sized nursery or the exact crib set you wanted. A smaller space is just as nice, if not cozier! 

2. Aw, sing me a lullaby!

Unlike adults, babies actually sleep. A lot. As much as we would wish to have a sleep schedule like that, well,, it’s a hard life out here! 

In any case, it’s important to make sure that the lighting in your baby’s nursery can mimic nighttime at any point. If the windows let in a lot of light, invest in some black-out blinds. Heavy curtains. Window shades. Anything that tells your baby it’s bedtime with a lullaby and goodnight kiss. And …. maybe a last nappy change! 

3. What did one wall say to the other?

Hey, meet me at the corner!

Talking about walls, it’s necessary to consider how long the nursery decor is going to last your baby. Choose the nursery wall decor wisely. Cartoon characters, rainbows and unicorns might seem to do the trick for now, but a few years down the road, your child might decide they’re into something else. Think child-friendly but chic. Remember, less is more.

4. Safety first, always!

Despite all the decorations and jazz, it is more than important to ensure that your baby grows up in a safe and nurturing environment. Make sure any crib you purchase meets the safety standards- check that it’s deep enough, doesn’t have cut outs and the bars are at the correct distance apart. Place the cot away from windows, lamps, heaters or anything that could be a potential hazard. 

As parents, it’s also of utmost significance to avoid clutter. In the living room, we’ll let it pass- but definitely not in your child’s nursery. Carrying a baby back and forth in the middle of the night, having to step on toys and books in the nursery is nothing but a recipe for disaster! Make sure that storage space is sufficient and nothing is left scattered on the floor. Don’t make the trip brutal for yourself. 

5. Don’t forget the secret ingredient!

Ah of course - the secret ingredient to any good recipe - love! A personal touch. Building a room for the human that you made can be quite intimidating, but loved ones can help us with some air there. It’s no surprise that all your friends and family will be spoiling your baby with gifts ALL the time! 

Decorate the room with elements that bring your loved ones into your child’s room. Not everything they bestow needs to make the cut, but whatever fits will certainly add more warmth and love into the space. 

We hope that these tips help you design your dream nursery room- we would love to hear how it turns out! Snap some photos and tag us at or #milkitbabyshop.

Need some more advice? We are here for you, mum & dads! Drop us a message on our Instagram or email us at - we’d love to chat. 

Written by Shivani Kakkad

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